new video clip: precision planting

Early in spring the farmer performs a very important task in close collaboration with the cultivation supervisor. Because only a very meticulous and thorough soil analysis of the piece of land the farmer has in mind for growing Holland Onions, determines if the plot will actually Read more »

homespun craftsmen

To be eligible for growing Holland Onions a parcel must comply with a great number of strict conditions. A mineral test determines the nitrogen, potassium and phosphate content present in the soil. In the right combination these minerals are indispensable for a healthy growth. Seed onions Read more »

magic boundary of more than one million metric tons

The available numbers up to and including week 19 show a trade season which will once again surpass the record of its previous season. The total amount of exported Holland Onions is currently 1.028.000 metric tons and is expected to end up well above 1,1 million Read more »