holland onions reaching more destinations

The previous export record achieved in 2015-2016 has again been broken in this past season. At the end of the season 2016-2017 the counter stood at almost 1.1 million tons, an increase of 4%. And no less important; the number of countries where the Holland Onions reached their final destination, rose to 130 countries.

A number of these new export destinations can be found on the east coast of Africa where the population as well as the consumption of onions is growing rapidly.

Furthermore the export to Indonesia is also showing a nice growth rate. The Netherlands has made some significant investments in this country over the past several years in order to build a long-term trade relationship. Indonesia went from position 16 to position 11 finishing just outside the top 10. The export to the United Kingdom grew considerably with tens of thousands of tons, despite the fear that the Brexit would disrupt the export to this destination. Other noticeable growth markets are Nicaragua, the Philippines, the United Arab Emirates, the USA and Vietnam. But against all expectations, Brazil still purchased 30.000 tons of Dutch onions in the second half of the season.

This season confirmed once more the phenomenon of the shifting of volumes within the Dutch onion export. Traditionally the bulk in the second half of the season was exported, to among others Eastern Europe and Russia. Due to the strongly increased demand from the West African countries, and Russia lagging behind, we formerly sold 40 to 45 percent of our onions before the new year and roughly 55 to 60 percent would be shipped in the second half of the season.

These numbers have reversed creating a new market awareness on the part of the Dutch producers and the processors. So there are plenty of opportunities for the Holland Onion, in particular in the second half, and we are taking them on as a chain!