new video clip: Skillful harvesting

Holland has approximately 3,000 onion growers with an average onion acreage of 8 ha. You can find a parcel of onion land in just about every Dutch polder where the sea once had free rein. This relatively small scale explains both the intensive as well Read more »

top yields and a perfect skin

The sown onion acreage in the Netherlands has increased yet again in the past growing season with almost 5% and now measures nearly 26,000 ha in total. However, with average yields expected to be slightly less than usual the total gross Holland Onion production is Read more »

export Holland Onions walking up to a new peak

The export record we achieved last season could be smashed as early as next year. In the first 19 weeks we exported almost 13% more than in the same period last season ! Weeks of more than 30,000 ton are no longer the exception to Read more »