new videoclip - Rockstar Veggie

For every newsletter we publish a new videoclip on our HOA YouTube channel. In our latest video Rockstar Veggie’ we give the humble onion the star status it truly deserves. We know from the oldest murals in Read more »

a real rockstar from head to toe

No other vegetable provides as much gastronomic potential as the onion. The seemingly rough Holland Onion is actually a delicate and indispensable ingredient that's welcomed with acclaim all over the world. Because as far as food is concerned it's impossible to imagine a life without Read more »

once again top marks for Holland Onions

Yet again, it looks like 2021 will be another great year for our Holland Onion. Based on harvest forecast, it looks like the total export stock might reach 1.3 million tonnes. After the previous season, in which the epic export number of 1.2 million tonnes Read more »