new videoclip - groundbreaking Dutch onion science

For every newsletter we publish a new videoclip on our HOA YouTube channel. In our new video clip ‘groundbreaking Dutch onion science’ we show you something that has never been shown before anywhere in the world. The sequence of the sixteen Read more »

breaking news: Dutch scientists reveal onion genome

It took a while, but the complete DNA sequence of the onion has finally been decrypted. Sixteen billion bases show that the onion genome carries 5 times more information than the human genome. The door to a treasure trove of genetic information is now wide Read more »

a good year for onion lovers

Onions have never been so popular. The popularity of the onion is increasing in an unrivalled way. It looks like the Holland Onion will have, yet again, a new export volume record this season, despite decreasing exports in the second half. 

For Read more »